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Don't Let Your Guard Down!

With the beginning of spring and summer on its way, we can expect more people to travel and larger crowds everywhere. It is important that we do not let our guards down as COVID-19 is not gone. 

Social distancing, masking up, hand hygiene, and being vigilant about our surroundings can save lives. Especially in places where there is a high risk of contracting the virus, consider double masking.

With more and more strains of the COVID virus emerging, double masking has been a new trend among many individuals in an attempt to protect themselves and others. Layering a surgical mask with a cloth mask can reduce transmission rate. In addition, this will also provide a snugger fit.

Some pointers on masks:

  • Snug fit is important
  • Make sure to care for your mask appropriately
    • If it is a surgical mask, it should be thrown out after each use or if soiled
    • If using a cloth mask, it should be laundered like other clothes with the use in a washer and dryer. If hand washed, try to dry in the sunlight if possible.
  • Double mask if possible