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What Can Walking 30 Minutes a Day Do?


It often feels that there are a million things to do and not enough time to get them done. We often don’t have the time that we need for our well-being. Yes, hitting the gym is great, but who would think a simple walk can do wonders? Some of the benefits of a 30 minute walk daily for 5 days out of the week are astonishing.

  • Strengthens and tones your body

  • Improves your balance and coordination thereby prevents falls

  • Allows you to burn about 150 calories, you can maintain your weight and lose body fat

  • Improves your digestion

  • Lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease (New England Journal of Medicine)

  • Strengthens your bones and muscles, as it builds bone mass, it reduces the risk of osteoporosis

  • Reduces stress, improves your mood, and combats fatigue as it boosts endorphins

  • Improves your immunity

  • Reduces risk for chronic illness such as diabetes

  • Helps alleviate joint pain as walking increases blood flow to tense areas, lubricates joints, and strengthens joint muscles

  • Improves blood pressure by reducing blood vessel stiffness so blood can flow more easily (Medical News Today)

  • Improves memory and cognition, in studies, has been shown to decrease Alzheimer’s disease risk over 5 years

  • Improves longevity (British Journal of Sports Medicine)

Count that 30 minute walk 5 days out of the week as an investment into your health and make the time for it. It will make you feel better overall and all it takes is some motivation and a good pair of sneakers! Also, remember to brisk that walk to get your heart pumping and get more cardiovascular benefits.