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Tips to Stay Warm in the Winter

Photo by Alex Padurariu

It’s winter and it’s cold out there…at least for most of the country. The cold can cause constriction of blood vessels and increase the workload of the heart therefore putting stress on your heart. In addition, the cold is associated with dry skin, arthritis flares, and also makes us more prone to catch colds. In winter months, the cold makes viruses more stable and they stay in the air for longer and therefore, it is easier to catch a cold.

Here are some tips to stay warm in the winter:

  • Enjoy warm beverages and foods
  • Dress in layers
  • Use blankets and throws
  • Move your body and do indoor activities
  • Cuddle with your near and dear
  • May use heating pads, hot water bottles(but please be careful and follow appropriate precautions, they can cause burn injuries)
  • Seal your windows and doors if there is a draft
  • Use portable heaters if you need to using appropriate precautions(should be 3 feet away from curtains, furniture, blankets)
  • Use fireplaces
  • Make sure there is nothing blocking heating vents or radiator
  • Invest in carbon monoxide monitors, they can save lives