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Practice Intentional Eating

Photo by Jonas Kakaroto

Spring is right around the corner, getting our bodies whipped back into shape and working on feeling and looking better is also. Other than working out, intentional eating can help get us where we want to be. Intentional eating makes us cognizant of what we are putting in our bodies and accountable. Keeping track of what we eat and doing better each day should be the goal.

  • eat more organic if possible, no pesticides
  • eat less sugar
  • avoid processed foods
  • cook at home-you know what is in your food and you can make it healthier and feel better about eating
  • cook extra, you can freeze another meal for another day when you may not have time to cook(this will prevent unhealthy meals such as fast food those days)
  • eat more fruits and vegetables-you can get your vitamins and anitioxidants in them, increase the fruits and vegetable ratio so you get more of them on a plate then the carbs and fat, it will also make you plate more colorful and enticing
  • eat together-this will create time for bonding. It will also teach kids sharing, taking turns, and manners. You will tend to eat slower and not just gulp down your meal as you will enjoy conversation.
  • eat smaller portions-listen to your body regarding satiety and hunger