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The Future of Healthcare With AI

Per Hannah Mark & Valentina Simon in Yale News, “Yale researchers investigate the future of AI in healthcare”.

“Picture a world where healthcare is not confined to a clinic. The watch on your wrist ticks steadily throughout the day, collecting and transmitting information about your heart rate, oxygen saturation and the levels of sugar in your blood. Sensors scan your face and body, making inferences about your state of health.

By the time you see a doctor, algorithms have already synthesized this data and organized it in ways that fit a diagnosis, detecting health problems before symptoms arise.

…..Over the past months, Yale researchers have published a variety of papers on machine learning in medicine, from wearable devices that can detect heart defects to algorithms that can triage COVID-19 patients. Though much of this technology is still in development, the rapid surge of AI innovation has prompted experts to consider how it will impact healthcare in the near future. Questions remain about the reliability of AI conclusions, the ethics of using AI to treat patients and how this technology might transform the healthcare landscape."

It is no doubt that healthcare is bound to change with AI, but it should always be used in conjunction with actually seeing a doctor. Time will tell where healthcare goes in the future. For now, we can wear fitness trackers, use health apps on our phone, exercise, eat healthy….all the things we can do to keep us on track to reach our health goals.