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Micro Acts of Kindness Can Bring Joy and Increase Well-being

Per Richard Pretorius in Wealth of Geeks, “Scientists Find That Daily ‘Micro Acts’ of Kindness Increase Joy, Well-Being”.

“Who benefits from your little acts of kindness? Obviously, the person on the receiving end. But you, the giver, do, too, research shows.

An analysis of a study called the BIG JOY Project finds that people who commit daily “micro-acts” of joy experience about a 25% increase in emotional well-being over the course of a week.

The BIG JOY Project is a collaboration between the Greater Good Science Center and other research institutions. Researchers say they have the preliminary results of their study from more than 70,000 participants in over 200 countries."

The analysis of the BIG JOY Project not only showed an increase in emotional well-being, but also an increase in positive emotions(hope,optimism), feeling happier, improvement in relationships, and better sleep. The BIG JOY project is ongoing, free, and still available to sign up for.

There are health benefits of being thoughtful and kind and small acts are not hard to do. Micro-acts included being kind, making a gratitude list, listening/reading a book about contributing good into the world, watching an awe-inspiring video, celebrating another’s joy, helping an elderly neighbor, etc.