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Healthy Summer Tips

Photo by Jared Rice

It’s summer and we are all getting some sun…that’s great!!! We do all, however, have to be mindful of taking care of ourselves in the heat and protecting ourselves from the sun.

Some Healthy Summer Tips

1) Drink plenty of water

  • An average of Eight 8 oz glasses a days
  • The benefits of water are mulitude

2) ALWAYS put on sunscreen

  • Apply about 30 minutes before sun exposure and re-apply every 2 hours
  • SPF of 15 or higher with broad spectrum coverage

3) Use sunglasses

  • Will protect eyes agains UV damage and also prevent cataracts

4) Wear protective hats/clothing

  • Cotton or linen, long sleeve, loose clothing
  • Wear light colored clothes-dark colors absorb more UV light than lighter colors such as whites and pastels

5) Stay active

  • Take advantage of the weather, go on walks, hikes, watch those sunsets…

6) Take advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables

7) Get plenty of rest and sleep

  • Longer daylight hours in summer cause less melatonin secretion which may account for early rising and less sleep
  • The heat can be exhausting