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Enjoy Those Watermelons

Photo by Sahand Babali

It’s summer and July, and it is National Watermelon Month. Watermelons makes us think about summer get-togethers, picnics, and the sweet, cold, refreshment watermelons allow in the heat of the summer. It originated from Southern Africa but has found it’s way throughout the world.

We are all asked to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and watermelon is considered both a fruit and a vegetable that does have health benefits. Watermelon consists of the pulp which is the juicy center and the watermelon rind which is the tough exterior which keeps the juicy interior safe.

  • It is a fruit(created using the pollination method) and is also a vegetable(part of botanical family of gourds)
  • Provides hydration-consists of 92% water and also has the electrolyte potassium and therefore can help get rid of muscle cramps in those who have been working out
  • Contains vitamins Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and B6
  • Contains lycopene(antioxidant)
  • Has no fat or cholesterol(fat-free)
  • It is high in fiber

Enjoy your watermelon slices, smoothies, ice cubes, cocktails. Also, don’t forget to enjoy watermelon rind-there are a lot of recipes for watermelon rind worth trying out, especially in the instant pot. Than you can definitely say you had the watermelon as a fruit and a vegetable….