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July 2023 Hottest Month on Record

Per Ian Livingston in an article published in The Washington Post, “These places baked the most during Earth’s hottest month on record”.

“July 2023 will go down as the hottest month on record across the globe, and perhaps the hottest in at least 120,000 years, according to climate scientists. During this sweltering month for the planet, countless daily, monthly and all-time record high temperatures were reached in multiple regions, often concurrently. A rash of intense heat domes — zones of high pressure sprawled across the northern hemisphere — plagued Asia, southern Europe and northern Africa, North America and much of the tropics including the Caribbean. Extreme heat was even observed on several occasions across the southern hemisphere, where it is the middle of winter.

NASA has clocked July 2023 as the hottest month on record ever since 1880. It is felt that this severe heat is a combination of the natural climate pattern El Nino and human caused climate change. As the heat continues in some parts of the country, be sure to follow healthy summer tips, protect yourself from the sun, and stay hydrated.