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Health Benefits of Pears

Photo by Mateusz Feliksik

The first weekend of December marks World Pear Day which kicks off National Pear Month and gives us all of December to honor those pears!

Nutritional facts of 1 medium-sized pear:

  • Calories- 101 calories
  • Protein-1 gram
  • Cholesterol-0 gram
  • Fat-0.2 gram
  • Fiber-6 grams(about 22% of the fiber you need daily)
  • Carobohydrates-27 grams
  • Sugar-17 grams
  • Vitamin C- 12% of recommended daily value
  • Copper-16% of recommended daily value
  • Potassium-4% of recommended daily value
  • Vitamin K-6% of recommended daily value

So how do these nutritional facts translate to benefits for you?

  • Good source of fiber will promotes digestive health. High fiber levels can also slow down absorption of food so that the rise in blood sugar is controlled. A great amount of the fiber is in the pear skin, so don’t skip the skin!
  • Contains pectin which is an essential water-soluble fiber that helps bind to cholesterol and remove it from the body
  • Contains copper which is useful for maintaining the health of nerve cells
  • Contain flavonoid antioxidants that fight chronic inflammation and improve immunity
  • Contain anthocyanin and cinnamic acid which has anti-cancer properties
  • Contains potassium which supports muscle function and nervous tissue communication
  • Helps maintain heart health as potassium works in lowering blood pressure which improves body blood flow and also has high flavonoid with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Help to maintain weight as pears are high in fiber and water and low in calories

We often don’t think about the nutrition we are getting when we eat something. Part of intentional eating is putting thought into your meals to get the most nutritional punch while also savoring your meals. When it comes to pears, there are so many ways to incorporate this juicy sweet fruit into your diet… them sliced raw, in salads, baked in pies, in smoothies or cocktails, roasted/grilled with your veggies…..or something else.